PNI IT Solutions is a division of PNI International that offers offshore I.T. Staffing Solutions. Our IT staffing services cover real time reports, high quality I.T. and offshore graphic design work, and a cost effective I.T. and graphics design work force.

Our services include I.T. Executive Searches, I.T. Contracting and IT Staff Leasing.

Offshore IT Programmers

PNI IT Staffing services agency can provide your business with a wide range of programmers specializing in different programming languages and environments. The most popular languages and platforms we can procure IT staffing for include: .NET, Java, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, C++, and XML. Pricing for outsourced IT staff is tiered according to the experience and skill level of the programmers and I.T. personnel involved as well as the languages and OS platforms the personnel is versed in. We can source for a broad variety of I.T. staffing needs and can find the right I.T. personnel for you.

Junior Level IT Staff

These are candidates with at least 1-3 years of programming experience and possess skills suitable for maintenance work that require a basic level of programming skill and I.T. experience. They should be able to create and debug basic scripts as well as possess database experience. Junior Level I.T. staff with web credentials should also be able to create simple interactive websites and can make basic changes to existing website code.

Senior Level IT Staff

These are experienced IT staff with at least 3-5 years of programming experience and are familiar with multiple related technologies in different IT areas (e.g. web + database). Candidates will have extensive database experience and most will be proficient in 3 or more programming languages with long-term specialties in at least one or two fields.

Master Level IT Staff

These are IT personnel with deep experience in multiple technology areas and will typically be able to supervise and coordinate medium to large sized IT teams composed of both Senior and Junior Level I.T. staff. They will have a minimum of 5 years cumulative work experience in their respective fields and the majority will possess I.T. related university degrees.

The most highly qualified IT staff candidates under this classification should also be ready to work directly under a high level architect on an apprenticeship or assisting role.

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IT Staffing the Efficient Way

The success and growth of any business hinges on the way you manage your resources. This includes your staff. Simply put: the more staff you have, the more potential your business has of getting more clients. The more clients you have, the more money your business makes. Easy, no?

Of course, one must not forget that the crux of this cycle model, and the reason why this article is necessary in the first place, lies in this little fact that I have not yet underscored: The more staff you have, the more expenditures you have as well.

This problem is compounded when you are running an IT-related business. Why?

1. You have to hire tech-savvy people.
2. You have to make sure that these people are tech-savvy in the particular technology that your company is specializing in (and we all know how vast the plethora of technologies is today), and that these people have the capability of adapting to inevitable changes.
3. Consistent technology changes and upgrades means you might be needing additional staff in the latter part of a project (eg. network guys to help with your server when traffic increases drastically, or staff to roll out a new version of your software).
4. Unforeseen problems are commonplace, and these require extra staff (eg. additional manpower to fix a bug in the system).
5. There is an inherent difficulty in accurately assessing the manmonths of a particular project; that is, the number of IT staff needed, as well as the project's work period (Oftentimes, you see websites promising you their "new and improved site" months earlier than when they actually finally launch). This means that you get to work on less projects, earn less revenues, but spend on just as much manpower.

Even when you are not running an IT-intensive business, most of the above points will still apply. Major businesses today all need some sort of IT staffing support - to store data, manage communications among employees and clients, market your business, etc.

In other words, the oversimplified business model I made in the first paragraph is now kaput, and this article can serve its purpose of giving a few tips and guidelines on how to make sense out of the madness, and ultimately create an efficient IT staffing agency.

Tip #1. Compare notes.

Check out how many IT staff other similar companies have. That way, you get a feel of how many you should have. Find this out by talking to peers, fishing from your technology vendors, or hiring consultants.

Tip #2. Evaulate your own business needs.

Now that you have starting numbers to consider, assess your IT staff needs. How many IT-related projects will you be having for the year? How much maintenance work will you be requiring? How many staff do you want to hire to handle emergency situations?

If you are an IT-intensive business (eg. a software or web development company), determine the amount of staff you need by evaluating how many inquiries and projects you had in the past year, and how often unforeseen problems cropped up.

Tip #3. Streamline, streamline, streamline.

Don't go overboard with servers and other hardware you procure, especially if you are not an IT-intensive company. Centralize your administration. Imbibe the Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

Tip #4. Consider Outsourced IT Staffing.

Outsourcing has many benefits. First, you get to hire people on a per-project basis, drastically reducing the risk of both overstaffing and understaffing. Second, if you're not an IT-intensive company, you can keep your core full-time IT department small by outsourcing the simple, non-critical projects.

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