PNI IT Staffing Agency - Your Global IT Staffing Solution Productivity Redefined

PNI IT Staffing Agency is a division of PNI International that specializes in offshore I.T. Staffing Solutions. Our services include I.T. Executive Searches, I.T. Contracting and IT Staff Leasing.

IT staffing services cover real time reports, high quality I.T. and offshore graphic design work, and a cost effective I.T. and graphics design work force.

PNI IT Staffing Agency offers the following services related to IT Staff consulting:

IT Executive Searches
Our IT staffing specialists conduct collaborative, cross border staffing searches for some of the world's largest companies. We have also handled senior executive searches for early stage startups.

PNI Outsourced Graphic Design offers the following IT Staff procurement services:

IT Staff Leasing
Our staffing leasing services include the provision of functional outsourcing services for IT-related projects. Clients contract us to develop, design and maintain information systems along with systems integration services.

PNI Outsourced IT Staffing Provider offers the following IT staffing services:

IT Requirements Contracting
If you have considered sending work offshore, you may be interested in our offerings. We can be your IT department, Human Resources, and Recruitment Office.

Client Services Recruitment IT Staffing Staffing Management IT Technology Integration
Our co-creation approach keeps you in control via the presence of a seasoned team of sales and customer service professionals who maintain close contact with critical staff on your end.
Our specialty. People are the core of our business. The judgment, synergy and innovation that our employees bring to the workplace is the foundation of our success.
Our Project Managers collaborate closely with Client Account Managers and Training Staff to assure effective performance of outsourced IT tasks.
We understand that some processes are sufficiently unique to the company’s own needs, characteristics and competitive differentiation such that they are difficult to outsource.